Noise pop is taking over venues and concert halls around the city this week, as you know, so the Weekly rags are focused on Music. Actually, that's not true at all. Only SF Weekly is focused on music. The Guardian, on the other hand, is focused on fitness and the East Bay Express is focused on the East Bay. Imagine that.

To go along with their music focus this week, the SF Weekly put adorable, Internet-based musicians Pomplamoose on the cover in piece. Pomplamoose, whose name is a cute misspelling of the French word for grapefruit, record their music in "a dim shed formerly used as a dog kennel" in Sonoma County and often in their pajamas. And the comparisons to bloggers don't end there! The two-member group considers themselves to be a "project that is half traditional band, half social media experiment." They also don't release their music on CDs or other physical media because they don't have (or want) a record label - but also this is 2011 and that seems like a horrible waste of plastic anyway. Still, the band manages to make money by doing things like going viral and soundtracking Hyundai commercials.

Anyway, reading about the band's tedious process for creating their "videosongs" (ugh, no) is far less rewarding than actually watching the admittedly charming final products, so we recommend you skip the paper version for one that has hyperlinks. Which the digital version doesn't have either, so just google it or something. (Look, they made it easy for you by misspelling their name.) Overall, it's a nice piece about some folks who are doing things a little differently, but claims that they are "entirely an insurrection against how things are normally done in the music business" are a teeny bit overblown.