When last we checked in with Silent Knight, the sea lion left blind by a shotgun blast to the face on a Sausalito beach last December, veterinarians at the Marine Mammal Center were still feeling out possible homes for the poor creature. Today however, the Examiner says the San Francisco Zoo is looking to scoop him up, along with another sightless sea mammal named Henry, in what could be a brilliant PR move for the zoo that was recently making negatively charged headlines again.

While the zoo wouldn't tell the Examiner for certain whether they would be hosting Silent Knight, who vets determined wouldn't be able to make it in the wild without his eyesight, they do mention that the zoo currently has plans to renovate their empty sea lion pool, which would make a fine home for a couple of blind boys. Vets at the Marine Mammal Center are pulling for the arrangement since the only other option on the table seems to be putting Silent Knight down. The actual details are set to be discussed at Thursday's meeting of San Francisco's Joint Zoo Committee, so if there was ever a time to get obnoxious at a city government meeting without provoking the ire of the general community, this would be it. Or just feel free to show support for him Facebook. Same thing.