As a former Mayor - specifically, Da Mayor - Willie Brown exists in a unique space between celebrity and politician. We know that already, duh, but between Willie's usual San Francisco social dinners and his Hollywood power lunches this week, the man (perhaps unintentionally) provides some insight in to the two facets of his life in semi-retirement.

For example: Did you know Willie Brown attends the Grammy's? We did not, but now we have to wonder if Willie Brown knows who Arcade Fire are or if he feels that Eminem was robbed of his Album of the Year. The real answer to that question is probably that Da Mayor doesn't actually care about the Grammys, he just needed an excuse to head to LA and have a meal at Robert DeNiro's restaurant, which sounds like a very exciting place to eat a meal. Willie describes the restaurant's concept thusly: "It has Italian food and waiters." How very hip of you, Los Angeles.

You know who else has Italian food and waiters? Our own North Beach Restaurant where Willie dined last week with San Francisco usual suspects Rose Pak, his "friend Sonya", Ed Lee and others. The North Beach Restaurant might not charge a royalty fee for having Bobby DeNiro's name on the menu, but it can claim to be something of a royal hangout anyway: While dining, Willie spotted Aaron Peskin walking by just before Board of Supes President David Chiu showed up for a meal of his own. Figuring he would have run in to "all the mayoral wannabes" if he had stuck around any longer, Willie bounced out of North Beach before he had to deal with Dennis Herrera, Leland Yee, Bevan Dufty, Michela Alioto-Pier and Joanna Rees - some of whom might not be so excited to see him.