Lawrence Livermore Lab seems to be having trouble keeping track of their heavy supply of "dangerous drugs." Specifically, the lab is missing some uppers. According to the Energy Department, they're missing cocaine hydrochloride and an amphetamine known as MDA ," but in one case the lab found more opium and black tar heroin than records showed had been purchased legally." Odd.

KTVU notes: "The drugs are used for bio-medical research and forensic science, and in the lab's health clinic for the treatment of workers there."

The Energy Department's National Nuclear Security Administration, who run the lab "agreed that a more rigorous tracking system was needed." No word yet on where, exactly, the uppers went. Hopefully, they don't have another Deborah Madden on their hands. The former SFPD cribe lab technician, if you recall, developed a serious addiction while working closely with illicit substances.