We already touched on Willie's restaurant wait time rant this week, so we won't dwell on how out of touch his InsideScoop column was this week, but someone should capitalize on Willie's sort of reverse-group buying business model and open a restaurant where only those with early reservations have to pay. Everyone else willing to line up and wait for 45 minutes gets a free meal. It's called micro-socialism and we just made it up.

Of course, when he's not riling up local chefs, he's usually finding passive-aggressive ways to make enemies in the local electorate. State Senator Leland Yee, apparently fed up with Willie's constant self-aggrandizing, even called out Da Mayor at a local NAACP meeting. While thanking all the folks who helped him throughout his political career, Yee specifically pointed out, "and I'm not talking about Willie Brown." Ouch, how does a former Mayor and State Assembly Speaker react to accusations that he "takes credit for everything"? By walking over and giving Yee a big ol' hug. Cute!

And then he immediately takes credit for Yee's speech, saying: "I know damn well that all the audience heard was my name mentioned." Classy!