Chuck Nevius has penned his latest semi-conservative, grumpy old man screed about the damn nudists in the Castro, and you know what? He's not gonna take it anymore! Nudity is just not right on our fine streets, and there are children to think about. Essentially, Nevius is upset that more people aren't upset, and finds this umpteenth reason that the Sodom of San Francisco is circling the drain. Don't reasonable people have a place here anymore among the freaks? Quoth Nevius:

...there's still a reluctance to complain -- even though everyone cringes when a bare butt plops down on the community chairs in the 17th Street Plaza, because really, who wants to be the next person to sit there? The gay community has experienced intolerance and prudishness, so it seems hypocritical to gripe... But c'mon, this isn't that hard. Terry Bennett says when her 7-year-old daughter goes on a field trip from nearby Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, the class sometimes disembarks from Muni and runs into a group of grandpas in wrinkled birthday suits.

Nevius also quotes our favorite urban nudist poster boy, Rusty Mills (who Nevius refers to as "a nudie"), whose attitude is pretty much "fuck the kids" (and that is likely the attitude of a fair chunk of childless Castro residents as well, many of whom are bitter about Noe Valley's invasion over the hill). "The people who are worried about what the kids think are the ones who are harming them," says Rusty. "I wouldn't be too surprised if children exposed to extremely obese people could be taught that obesity is OK. Do I have the right to tell those people to stay home?" So, Rusty is fat-phobic. That makes sense.