In case you couldn't tell from the "Happy & Casual Willie Brown" photo the Chron ran with his Sunday column, it sounds like Willie was in a good mood this week, kicking it off with a little playful ribbing of the Governor's "political Alzheimer's" on the whole killing redevelopment thing. We're not really sure what the etiquette is on Alzheimer's jokes, but that seems like a cold thing to say to someone who's coming up on his 73rd birthday in a couple months. (But maybe it's OK, because Willie himself is in his 70s? Is that how Alzheimer's jokes work?) Anyhow, Willie - as spry as ever - shares his insider info. Not all hope is lost for redevelopment, he says, and Jerry is working out a deal with mayors across the state.

Speaking of Mayors, he feels a little bit sorry for 1-year mayor Ed Lee who has to attend dinner parties and receptions thrown in his honor by "every Chinese American organization in existence." It's tough being an honoree, it seems, but mostly because you don't get even get to eat at your own dinner. We wonder if Da Mayor, in all his experience, has found some sort of special salve or secret hand cream he could share with Lee to help him cope with the calluses from all the glad-handing.