The kids at Laughing Squid have come up with the perfect use for the new Trenta sized cup at Starbucks: covert wine drinking. At 31 ounces, it perfectly holds an entire bottle of wine (with room to spare.)

Check out their link including a helpful “How-To Video” for the unbelievers: This could be the solution for getting you buzz on in the sun at Dolores Park despite the Police crackdown. Although of course it works better for a dark red than a white.

Personally, we've been rocking soda cans - thanks Frank and Dee from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia - but those cans only hold a measly 12 ounces.

Of course, being seen with a Starbucks cup at Dolores Park will earn you plenty of haters. After all, during the Dolores Coffee Wars, even local roaster Blue Bottle was lambasted for being a chain. We vote to make Starbucks Trentas the new hipster replacement for PBR tall cans.

(by Justine Sharrock)