Just as soon as Kenneth Cole posted this Twitter update that used the crisis in Egypt to sell shoes, he quickly erased it and followed up with an apology. “I’ve dedicated my life to raising awareness about serious social issues,” said the designer, who went on to call the crass marketing ploy, “poorly timed.”

However, the shoemaker couldn't delete all of them. At around 2 AM this morning, San Francisco resident and Flickr user mikest "spotted this mysterious and super professional-looking decal on the window of Kenneth Cole’s SOMA location."

Was the decal put there at the request of Kenneth Cole? Or was it put there by angry pranksters? We called the Kenneth Cole store in question, located at 865 Market, to find out more.

"There is no story," the saleswoman (curtly) informed us. "Yeah, there is no story." Click.

Update: SFist commenter DavityDave walked by the store before lunch today and came across an employee scraping the decal letters off the store window.