Dan Noyes of ABC 7 uncovered another embarrassing bit of information about the city's police department. Namely, the San Francisco Police Department delivered illegal drugs to former crime lab technician Deborah Madden while she was under investigation for possible cocaine theft.

It seems three little money packets, containing no money, were sent to Madden containing drugs. Specifically, morphine and PCP. The items were sent to Madden along with her mini heater, fridge and coat rack after she was dismissed from her duties at the crime lab.

"Why aren't they keeping track of what's happening to these samples?" said San Francisco public defender Jeff Adachi. "That's a question I think that needs to be answered."

Due to lack of evidence, Madden's charges were dropped. However, Madden's own court testimony resulted in the dismissal of 700 drug cases.

Watch the ABC 7 report below.