Forgive us if we thought 4-H Clubs were a thing of the past (one of the H's is "Horses", right?), but apparently the clubs are still growing and now include such exciting activities as poultry pageantry. More importantly, 5-year-old Sammie Cate Demera of Livermore has been making a name for herself as "the chicken whisperer" despite her suburban upbringing.

Sammie Cate's chickens, two modern game bantams named Flower I and Flower II, sleep in a coop outside her family's Livermore home, but Sammie enjoys having them in around the house. (They are at least partially house-broken, and bright enough to refrain from pooping on a handler's lap.) As her mother says, Sammie Cate can "pretty much talk a chicken into doing anything," including dancing to Taylor Swift, stretching out on the couch to watch cartoons and taking rides in the "Barbie car chicken express." So she can make a chicken act like a 5-year-old then.

And these poultry shows sound like a lot of stress for a 5-year-old competing against kids nearly twice her age. (Also known as 9-year-olds.) Although she might struggle with some of the judge's questions, after all she can't even read the books they're taken from yet, she at least sounds confident on stage with a supporting mother in the crowd. So at least she's not all mixed up in the crazy world of pre-teen beauty pageants.

Barbie car express video embedded below.