Fu Manchu, Dusted Angel, and a bunch of dudes with beers turned Bottom of the Hill into the ultimate party on 1/22

by Erick Pressman

Fu Manchu are one of those bands who have been at it for years and while they may not have achieved the status and notoriety of their more infamous peers like Clutch, Queens of the Stone Age, or High On Fire, they've managed to set hooks into one of the most ravenous and loyal fanbases in all of music.

They have taken their turn at mainstream tours and festivals such as the Van’s Warped Tour, but the band is truly at home in the nightclub environment. This was made most clear at an appearance with Saviours, ASG, and Orchid and the 2007 edition of San Francisco’s Noise Pop Festival, at a show which even following the ever-growing, swiftly rising local rockers Saviours, they turned Slim’s into the ultimate beer bro party.

2011 is the fifteen-year anniversary of Fu Manchu's highly influential In Search Of... lp, and the band put together a short tour of California during which they've been performing two sets, the first being a mix of the entire catalogue, and the second being In Search Of... straight through in its entirety. San Francisco was one of the lucky four cities that got this special tour, and they straight blew up Bottom of the Hill last Saturday night.