Using traveler ratings for cleanliness, TripAdvisor named the 10 dirtiest hotels in the country. Oakland's Jack London Inn was honored as the second most rank hotel, following behind the Grand Resort Hotel & Convention Center in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

A few harrowing reviews:

"This inn is nothing but a dirty, noisy, scary, disgusting place. I'd rather stay in my car somewhere in the camping area than staying here for even 1 night and stand the dirty rooms, impolite personnel and noisy railroad and train passing by." - amin_10

"No towels or soap, lamp didn't work. we didn't use the shower as it looked scarey/gross. Our room looked right out onto the parking area/garbage trash area (lovely). I always wore my shoes or slippers not letting my feet touch the filthy carpet." - judyboat

" 'I don't stank! You stank!' - Those words echoed down the hall and through the paper thin walls of our room...“Terrible is too kind of a rating for this dump; NO ONE SHOULD STAY HERE.” - foggnich

"There was a dog next door of my room barking all day. The place just smelled dirty." - Ray_from_Arcadia

"if you aren't travelling JUST FOR THE HOTEL EXPERIENCE, just for a place to sleep until the next day, and aren't frightened by a little eccentricity, then give this hotel a try!" - Themom3

Adding insult to stank injury, the official Jack London Inn site comes complete with autoplay. Hopefully, 2011 will be a year of reflection and cleanliness for the much-malaigned hotel.