Jack LaLanne, who was born in San Francisco, died on Sunday. The fitness guru will be remembered tonight at a local restaurant where they serve his signature dish. "A table will be set this evening at John's Grill, a historic restaurant at 63 Ellis St. that serves a signature dish, 'Jack LaLanne's Favorite Salad,' " reports SF Appeal. "The table will have LaLanne's salad under a picture of him."

Allegedly addicted to junk food as a kid, LaLanne "attacked his brother, attempted suicide, and tried to burn down his house" before giving himself over to a life of health at the age of 15 after hearing "health food pioneer Paul Bragg give a talk on health and nutrition."

"The only way you can hurt the body is not use it," he once said. "Inactivity is the killer and, remember, it's never too late."

LaLanne succumbed to complications from pneumonia at his home in Morro Bay. He was 96.