Saturday was a glorious day, wasn't it? Very warm and walkable for a January day. It was also an oddly serene day for abortion rights, or lack thereof, along the waterfront. On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, hordes of anti-abortion zealots came to the city for the annual Walk For Life fete.

Did they accomplish anything? Meh, not really. Seemingly, anyway. Aside from pouring much-needed dollars into a city they so vehemently loathe - thanks, guys! - the march fell well outside eyeshot and consciousness of those who they were trying to convince. As SFist commenter CptSludge so eloquently put it, "If they really want to confront the "city of sin" they should march down Polk, or Castro, or Folsom, or even Valencia or Haight. As-is, the only people they are confronting are overweight Midwestern tourists about to buy a sourdough breadbowl." (And those breadbowls, we should point out, are rife with carbs and preservatives; the real crime of nature here, folks.)

Here are some shots, pro and con, from Saturday's Walk For Life rally and counter-protest.