Before we get too deep in to Da Mayor's whereabouts this week, we ought to follow up on last week's Aspengate scandal. Mr. Former Mayor Brown continues the snowy puns, explaining: "I've gotten an avalanche of reaction to my story of being stuck next to the kitchen in a near-empty restaurant in lily-white Aspen, Colo., and being served cold food." (But also: reactions to how you said those things were indicative of racial discrimination, right? People reacted to that as well, we assume?)

Anyhow, he received a response from the general manager of the Ajax Tavern, who ended up mailing Willie a package with "a full winter wonderland outfit." The mayor of Aspen even asked him out to lunch, but his favorite response was from the a lengthy letter that concluded Aspen "is the 'horrible service capital of the world.' All races, creeds and colors are treated equally badly." OK, glad we got that cleared up.