A new show starring San Francisco aired last night on USA - did you guys catch it? It's called Facing Kate Fairly Legal and it's about a lady-lawyer who gave up being an attorney to become a mediator - which is like a lawyer, but prettier and less of an asshole if this show is to be believed.

Much hemming and hawing will be made down the road about how this show is actually shot in Vancouver, but last night's Pilot (Episode title: "Pilot") actually had a good deal of footage shot in the city proper. If you were out around downtown yesterday, you might have noticed the network's other effort to win over local audiences which seems to have fallen a bit flat. The important thing to note about that publicity stunt - and, yes, the show itself to a certain extent - is that they at least put in a modicum of effort trying to look...well - like San Francisco. Observe, as we open the show with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge from West Vancouver: (Also: There will be spoilers.)