Once again, we turn over our platform to our friends at the Tenderloin Geographic Society, whose extensive knowledge of San Francisco's many hidden gems occasionally impresses even themselves. Presumably to celebrate some 27 years since Stephen King's masterpiece Pet Sematary topped bestseller lists, this week we take a visit to a Pet Cemetery: The one that is neither haunted nor on National Park land.

By Tenderloin Geographic Society

Unless you spend considerable time getting lost on streets that cabdrivers can't find, some of this may be new to you, in which case, bully. If you're bored, kindly move along and wait until I write about Rube Goldberg's house of ill repute (totally true!).

Have friends who want to see the Presidio Pet Cemetery but you're too lazy to take an hour-long bus ride? Tell your morbid companions what they really want to see is a secret cemetery. Everyone knows that secret is always better, until you mention that it's also the site of a nursery school. Seeing as how this is a school, it's best to visit on a Sunday when class isn't in session, especially if you're wearing a trenchcoat, you creep.

How to find it: