We've already celebrated the fact that our fair city was selected to host the 2013 America's Cup. (Lots of love to Lite Gov Newsom for successfully wooing Larry Ellison and his boating buddies.) Naturally, the next step is for San Francisco to find something else about the event to be properly outraged about. So, to that end, here is the Examiner's list of waterfront businesses that could be evicted by Mr. Ellison's regatta.

Some 80 businesses located between Piers 19 and 30-32 are on the list, including: cabaret attraction Teatro ZinZanni, antique car-based Mr. Toad's Tours and American Wine Distributors (whose 65 licenses to import and sell booze are tied to their current address). The Port is still trying to figure out which ones exactly will be forced to relocate, but the real cruel twist here is that so many of the waterfront businesses depend on tourist traffic. Companies like San Francisco Pedicab would stand to make some good money at their current location if they were allowed to keep operating during the event. (We didn't even know there were pedicabs, but paying someone else to pedal you around the Embarcadero does seem like an appropriate mode of transportation when one is making their way to a yacht race.)

A more thorough list of the business is over on the Examiner.