After a UCSF student died from severe brain injuries that occurred during one of two brawls in and around Temple nightclub on Howard street last weekend, the popular (and generally peaceful, we might add) club has agreed to impose stricter security measures and to stop serving bottled beer on Friday and Saturday nights.

Although Entertainment Commission Executive Director Jocelyn Kane says the club provided adequate security on the night of the incidents, Temple's management apparently felt their venue's large size created a "feeling of anonymity" that contributed to the incidents. In a smart PR move, the club is voluntarily stepping up their security measures with twice as many security cameras, new ID scanners and pat downs for club-goers. The bottled beer ban, meanwhile, is a reaction to the second incident last weekend in which two men were stabbed with broken beer bottles by three others who fled the scene.

While some might mourn the loss of anonymity in their club-going life, Temple's initiative is at least a refreshing change from the Don't-Blame-It-On-Us stance other venues have taken in reaction to the recent rash of violence around dancey-clubby establishments.