Well, would you look at that: the Chronicle reports that in a quirky last-minute move before leaving City Hall for Sacramento yesterday, our now-previous mayor established a San Francisco Hall of Fame to recognize noteworthy achievers throughout the city's history. The inaugural class includes 27 members across 9 categories ranging from "Art & Culture" to "Government & Public Service" to "Sports" and includes the usual suspects like Bill Graham, Harvey Milk, Willie Brown, Dianne Feinstein and Willie Mays.

Meanwhile, Larry Ellison gets a nod for being a boating enthusiast the Science and Technology category, while Ann and Gordon Getty were recognized for their philanthropic spirit. The real fun stuff, however, is in the San Francisco Characters category which includes the Nob Hill twins, Lillie Hitchcock Coit and Emperor Norton.

In a surprise move Gavin decided not to induct himself in the SFHoF, nor did he nominate any of the SFist editorial staff, but at least now we can all hope to get inducted alongside Frank Chu further down the road.