We must give credit where credit is due, and the kids over at The Awl put together a terrific and upsetting collection of screengrabs of comments that were deleted off of Sarah Palin's Facebook wall -- or, rather, the thread beneath Sarah's Satuday post in which she sent prayers out to the families of the victims of the shooting in Arizona. The comments span from vitriol from Palin haters (e.g. "'Don't retreat, reload'... isn't that what you said, Ms. Palin? I hope they lay these bodies right at your money grubbin feet." and "You f&%king C&%T! You called for these people to be killed!") to equally vitriolic and violent rhetoric from Palin supporters (e.g. "she pro-choice anyway [sic], who cares.").

The AP just published this scary narration of the events on Saturday from the accounts of surviving eyewitnesses. Although the former vice presidential candidate had nothing to do with the shooting rampage, the Palin camp is now trying to spin those marks on her "cross-hairs" map as "surveyor's marks."