Well, now this is just disappointing. Barely a month since the Laser Kitten Mural, a.k.a. "Kittenzilla" on Divisadero first delighted us by livening up a long-shuttered movie theater with some playful artwork, local miscreants have already defaced the work.

From the looks of things, this isn't some hasty spray-job either: at least three cans of paint were put to work coloring in these two bull heads that are now obscuring the giant kittens. We hope the piercing blue eyes of the sole remaining kitten shoot straight into the hearts of these vandals and totally ruin their Christmas. (Also: we will politely refuse to engage in any arguments about what constitutes "art" and continue to be outraged, thank you very much.)

If you would like to savor Kittenzilla's short-lived glory, we point you the personal sites for the three artists Ezra Li Eismont, Bunnie Reiss and Garrison Buxton, where they promised to make archival prints available shortly. As well as this SFist editor's own flickr shots.