Yesterday afternoon, undercover Oakland PD officers in East Oakland spotted two suspects from a "shooting in a vehicle" (so, a drive-by then?) incident that occurred in the same neighborhood last week. Uniformed cops were called in to haul in the suspects, but the driver proceeded to lead police on a 3 mile chase through Oakland before a home on the 3300 block of 13th Avenue failed to get out of the way.

The home near the 580 and Highland Hospital "suffered minor damage" and luckily none of the residents were hurt, but the four suspects riding in the vehicle attempted to escape on foot. Police opened fire, shooting one who was pronounced dead on the scene. Police found a handgun near that suspect and an assault weapon inside the vehicle. Two other suspects were arrested by police, but the fourth was still at large as of yesterday evening when police blocked off the neighborhood and brought in the K-9 unit to search for the final suspect.

The suspects' names have not be released, but one neighbor did describe the exchange of gunfire thusly: "It was like, 'Pow, pow,' and then, 'Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow' - seven or eight times."