We're coming in to the thick of the Holiday season here (or perhaps more accurately: Holiday Party Season) and the authorities in San Francisco will be celebrating accordingly with their traditional 17 day crackdown on drinking and driving around the city. According to the Appeal, cops expect to rack up something like 100 DUI arrests at sobriety checkpoints around town between tonight and January 2nd.

Checkpoints will be in effect at Embarcadero at Washington Street on Saturday night from 8:30 p.m. to 3 a.m, with others on Lombard and Divisadero on Sunday night - information we provide so that your Designated Driver may properly account for traffic on the way home, not so you can drunkenly take an alternate route. Likewise, "all available officers will be assigned to the road on both Christmas and New Year's weekends", so just wait until you get to Mom's house before you start hitting the brandy, OK?

You are, however, encouraged to call 911 from your cell phone if you suspect you've spotted a drunk driver.