Late last night, somebody decided to park their cheap import right by the escalators in the empty Virgin Megastore on Market Street. So far, both the SFAppeal and the Weekly have been unable to get any information out of the SFPD, but if we had to guess: It looks like someone got a little saucy at a holiday party last night and drove the wrong way up Fourth Street only to panic at that mess of an intersection. Those Old Navy mannequins can be distracting when you're nogged out of your mind.

[UPDATE: SFWeekly has some new info. Apparently, the accident was a hit-and-run involving a truck driver who drifted into the Camry's lane while crossing Market from Stockton to 4th St, causing the driver to pull a hard left and crash through the Virgin Storefront. The truck driver is accused of misdemeanor hit-and-run and no one was injured, or even nogged, as far as we know.]

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