Speaking of Facebook accolades, the San Francisco Critics Circle Awards bestowed The Social Network, the non-gritty Harvard drama about barely-legal college kids, lawsuits and social media, with three awards Monday night, including best picture, best adapted screenplay (Aaron Sorkin) and best director (David Fincher).

Thespian prizes went to Michelle Williams for Blue Valentine and Colin Firth for The King's Speech.

Brutally, Mila Kunis was robbed of the supporting actress award for The Black Swan. (Pft. Jerks.) That award went to Jacki Weaver for Animal Kingdom. John Hawkes took home the best supporting actor award for Winter’s Bone.

The San Francisco Critics Circle is made up of almost every Bay Area film critic from SF Weekly's Michael Fox to cuddle party Jan Wahl.

Also, for what it's worth, 2010 was an aggressively lackluster year at the cinema, both blockbuster- and award season-wise.