Still stinging from those Happy Meal bans in San Francisco and Santa Clara Counties, McDonald's has been hit with a fresh lawsuit protesting the fast-food chain's use of toys to market floppy hamburgers to children. The class-action lawsuit comes from The Center for Science in the Public Interest and a Sacramento mother of two who says her daughter only asks to go to McDonald's to get Barbies and i-Carly toys (whatever those are).

The argument is more or less what we've heard in the past, and in a press release this morning, the CSPI calls out McDonald's for a practice that "illegally exploits children." Pretty strong words for cheap Shrek toys.

Meanwhile, the mother at the center of the complaint says, "the food almost seems beside the point to the kids, because the toy monopolizes the attention of [her daughters]." So, one could just throw away the food then, yes? Are we done here?

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