So that big yacht race, we've been following for the past couple of months is looking like a sure thing now, right? Maybe!

Last week reports flooded in that San Francisco was dangerously close to losing the race after the latest proposal, which moved many of the public race facilities to Piers 19-29 north of the Ferry Building and was a much better deal for the City, didn't "stack up financially" for race organizers. That proposal hasn't changed much since, but according to the Chronicle it did win additional supporters in City Hall. Even Supervisor Daly, who has repeatedly tried to sink this thing with F-bombs, is on board so long as the final agreement has "no net negative impact" on the city.

With that in mind, it seems the current proposal will easily pass tonight's vote before the Board of Supervisors, but it still has to be approved by Larry Ellison's BMW Oracle Team and their sponsors in the Golden Gate Yacht Club. Stephen Barclay, the loudest bargainer on the side of the Yacht Club, seems hurt that the latest proposal didn't include development rights to Pier 50 because city officials weren't sold on its purpose in the race. On the other hand, organizers will still get a 75-year lease on Seawall Lot 330. (Better known as the extended patio for Reds Java House.)

Speaking of the Yacht Clubs, at least one representative of the Cup was spotted in Rhode Island (we imagine he had some kind of easily-identifiable, custom-embroidered polo shirt) discussing the possibility of hosting the race in Newport. Given that the organizers have committed to announcing their final decision by December 31st, this seems like a bluff and an attempt to put additional pressure on San Francisco. (And also: come on? Newport? You don't really want to reinforce New England Sailboat stereotypes, do you?)

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