Last week after bringing us his review of the new Michael Mina, Willie promised to review Bourbon Steak, which has since taken over Mina's old space in the St. Francis Hotel. As a man of his word, Willie made good on his promise in this Wednesday's Inside Scoop column. He was excited to see the "awful lounge furniture" is gone from the entrance, but more importantly the new management has installed "a beautiful hostess at the foot of the stairs." He's also excited that they didn't remove the lobster pot pie on the menu, because that's Sonya's favorite and it's probably easier for him to ogle the hostess if his date is preoccupied.

As a politician and someone whose taste is greatly respected, it's no surprise that Willie is constantly concerned with outward appearances and how people present themselves to the greater public. Which is why we can forgive this lengthy description of the Bourbon Steak's baked potato:

The baked potato is just the right size, not steroid enhanced. So the look is like a potato you raised in the garden, and clearly it's been baked in a regular oven, not the microwave. It had enough firmness to make sure you know it wasn't a disguised mashed potato but at the same time soft enough to let you know it's been baked.
Locally raised with real experience taking heat? Firm enough so you know it's for real, but still just soft enough in the middle? It sounds like Willie is nominating a baked potato for the next Mayor of San Francisco.

We also learned that Willie is not a fan of vegetables, but he chooses his words carefully to describe the veggie options at Bourbon Steak: "they appeared to be just picked and carefully handled; they weren't floppy or watery or cooked to death." We think he might also be speaking metaphorically about the Board of Supervisors with that one. Hard to say for certain though.