First of all, we have no idea what this is. On the surface, we have a kind of a nice 80's song with a weird Deborah Harry-meets-Phil Collins-meets-The Squeeze kind of thing going on. But it begs the question: Where did this come from?

Someone uploading all their homemade music videos to YouTube? Some art school kid's faux-retro video project? Is the tempo supposed to be getting increasingly faster until we start to feel nervous? All we have to go on is this reply to a youtube comment:

"That video is partly meant to counteract the negativity associated with those who jump from the bridge, as portrayed in the film "The Bridge". Bridget models joy and shows that life can be happy."

OK, so that's nice. (We guess?) Making matters worse, however, is the fact that this was sent to us by a mysterious @Major_Blyss who appears to be in the business of tweeting links to trippy old videos directly to random people. Please, someone fill us in here.