We mentioned this briefly in last night's scenes from the Board of Supervisors, but here's Ace Washington's original number, which we will be calling "Who's in Charge in Silly Hall?" Ace's use of the overhead projector to display his visual aid is commendable (albeit sideways), but be sure to stick around until 1:05 when he suddenly changes gears to discuss (sing about) what a pain in the ass redevelopment is.

We're told by SF Government TV enthusiasts (nerds!) that Ace is a regular during the Public Comments section, getting his on-camera time where ever he can since his public access shows were canceled two years ago. The surprising part is that no one has auto-tuned this guy into a viral video yet. With a little more interesting facial hair, he could be our own Rent is Too Damn High guy. Get on that, Internet enthusiasts.

In the meantime: Thank you, Ace. We'll see you next week?