After a hiatus, we return for an installment of this mildly confusing feature, in which we ask those ensconced too cozily in your SF bubbles to take a step back, summon your inner C.W. Nevius, and try to understand why some in this great country of ours (certainly not us!) might look askance at the way we do things here — if for nothing else than to enjoy an ironic chuckle at our own expense. If all of this seems too difficult, please refer to our other recurring feature, 7 Reasons to Love San Francisco, and be on your merry way.

This week's edition: People who don't wear deodorant

San Francisco, being the very nexus of national hippie-dom (see also Volume 3), also enjoys some notoriety as a place where many people prefer non-sudsing hemp shampoos and skin products so natural you could spoon-feed them to a baby. Consequently, this has also become a city where social norms have come to embrace an arguable lack of hygiene, and in many cases celebrate the very *human* smells that emanate from ones pits and places when one eschews toxic balms and aluminum-rich antiperspirants.