Don't bother asking why we were reading the Mommy Files over on SFGate, but today's entry "Is it appropriate for little boys to pee in public?" is priceless. Take a look:

"...he [the author's son] couldn't hold his pee for long and so I encouraged him to relieve himself on trees, at the park, in gas station parking lots, in the flower beds gracing the fronts of boutique clothing stores. This was all to prevent him from wetting his pants.

The thing is, my son is now 6-years-old and he's still regularly dropping his drawers and leaving his mark. We'll walk out of a birthday party, and he'll surreptitiously take a leak over the marigolds before climbing into the car."

Wonderful, now that we know parents are to blame for encouraging public urination can we have our booze back at Bay to Breakers? [SFGate]