Very Small Array
put together this curious map of the states as named by Google's autocomplete on Friday. When looking up California, they ended up with Prop 19, the state's marijuana initiative. (On Saturday afternoon, while logged in and out of Google, we got "California DMV" as our top result. Go figure.)

As for the others: Hawaii gets researched by lots of detective television fans, Midwest states garner college sports results, and Montana is lucky enough to have a a budding porn star land in first place. But what about San Francisco?

San Francisco Giants is what first appears when looking up the city. When typing in some neighborhoods, we got Mission College, Somalia, Nob Hill Spa, Pacific Heights Health Club, Castrophany, Sunset Magazine, Bayview Hunters Point Foundation, Marina Militare. Treasure Island Music Festival, Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, Presidio Social Club, and Richmond Plunge.