Big Red, the intimidating crane looming over the Transbay Terminal, started swinging it's wrecking ball this morning, which probably ruined the dustless process that so delighted Da Mayor last week. Likewise, Willie himself spent the week swinging all over town and kicking up dust with the various ladies in his life. Only one of them, however, would bring him to "a great short rib experience."

First up was ex-girlfriend, and soon-to-be-ex-District Attorney, Kamala Harris whose victory in the Attorney General's race Willie attributes to the hard work of campaign manager Ace Smith. More importantly, Willie should find out who was responsible for the tragic buffet that occurred at Harris' Victory party which SFist pal Beth Spotswood (and our editor Brock, duh) had the chance to crash for this Wednesday's Culture Blog. Although he's all smiles in photos from the evening, we can't imagine the notorious gourmand was impressed by the food situation. Maybe that explains Beth's two delightfully awkward interactions with him during the course of the evening: