If you've ever been tossed from a taxi for necking with a same-sex paramour, sporting leather and chains en route to the San Francisco Armory, or harassed by your cabbie for donning drag designs, a smart new option will now safely whisk you around San Francisco. It's called Homobiles, a 24/7 queer car service that caters to LGBT folks around the city. (However, you don't have to be gay to use it; all kindhearted souls are welcome.)

The volunteer collective of designated drivers operates for a suggested donation of $1 a minute. You can text your address with cross street and name to 415-574-5023. (We've used it on several occasions and never had to wait like we typically do for Yellow Cab or Luxor cars.)

Fun fact: Lynn Breedlove, a local queer icon and lead singer of Tribe 8, started the company. Mission Statement is as follows:

Homobiles is a noncommercial, dispatch-only ride service that provides a reliable and secure mode of transportation for the LGBTIQQ community. We serve individuals who, due to their perceived gender or sexuality, are most vulnerable or at-risk for experiencing violence and harassment while traveling on public transportation. We believe that economics should never be a factor in safety, and are dedicated to the safe passage of LGBTIQQ people regardless of their economic status.

Passengers call or text to request a pick-up, and a Homobile is dispatched to their location. We accept donations from passengers to help cover the costs of operation, but all donations are 100%
voluntary and are therefore not a condition of service. Homoblies will be funded through donations from passengers and other community members, benefits and grants.