If only because it sounds like something that really might happen here, and not unlike a scene from the Folsom Street Fair, a fake news item went around yesterday about a sexually dysfunctional interior designer with piercings on his manhood who ejaculated during a TSA screening at SFO. The story comes from Dead Serious News, which if you click over to the About page says they're a satirical website, but perhaps this piece of mildly homophobic satire just sounded too good.

Places like Current TV and the very popular Tabloid Prodigy picked it up as fact, admitting that they did nothing to try to verify it and were only posting it because it had gone viral — we ourselves admit we were ready to write it up, being the tabloid whores that we are, but we did the due diligence to click over to that About page after noticing that the subject's name is Percy Cummings and his partner, who is quoted in the fake article, is named Sergio Armani. That, actually, was the only part of the story we didn't believe right away.