Inaccurately (yet so amusingly) mistaken as Jewish Christmas, the annual Festival of Lights begins at sundown tomorrow, Dec 1, and ends on Tuesday, Dec 9. But what ever shall you do? Let's see: CHOW has some chit-chat going on about where to dine after lighting your Hanukkah candles. Saul's (1475 Shattuck Avenue) in Berkeley, it seems, typically has a Latka stand. That sounds tasty.

Another option? Jeff Segal, owner of Heart Wine Bar (1270 Valencia) in the Mission District, will pair eight obscure wines for Hanukkah, ones that promise to "cut through the richest of latkes and taste great with beef brisket." Sounds better than the usual revolting glass of Manischewitz, yes? Yes.

Miller's East Coast Deli (1725 Polk), our favorite Bay Area delit, also boasts an array of other-coast Jewish delectables, including their famously well-hung matzo ball soup. It's huge brace yourselves.

To kick things off, be sure to check out Good For The Jews at Cafe Du Nord (2170 Market) on Wednesday night. Billed as Jewish music for people who don't like Jewish music, The Onion says of them, "Imagine Adam Sandler with a few additional IQ points." Which: impossible! And the Providence Phoenix describes them as "infectious enough to make the Pope bust a gut." (God willing. We kid! Sort of. Anyway.) The show starts 8 p.m. Tickets which are $12 a pop, can be purchased here.

Any other Chosen One-related options we forgot? Let us know in the comments. Thanks.