Welcome to a late edition of This Week in Willie Brown. Because we are all busy people with big families, large meals to eat and lots of post-meal naps to take over the Holiday we shirked on our duty to chronicle the weekly exploits of our favorite politico-socialite, but we would hate for you to miss a single step in Willie's daily journey so last Friday's column is running today, on a Monday. It's all very confusing, we know, but still we march onward in our Wilkes Bashford attire:

In last Sunday's (November 21st, that is) Willie's World column the former Mayor chases his tail a little bit trying to sort out this whole interim mayor thing, which he says has "more twists and turns than a tourist bus on Lombard Street." We're fairly certain that many tour buses, like many city governments, avoid the messy part of Lombard Street altogether, lest they become stuck and unable to move forward - but that's beside the point! The point is, Willie sat next to Leland Yee the other day and Yee thinks next year's race will end up being between himself and City Attorney Dennis Herrera.