Last week, your boyfriend Anderson Cooper ran a series investigating "Amazing Animals: Smarter Than You Think" on AC360, which included the above segment on Bonobos — a species of great ape known for their human-like traits such as an understanding of language and a propensity to engage in casual sex. While the bonobos Cooper went to visit at the Great Ape Trust in Iowa didn't proposition the silver-haired correspondent for any of the latter, things did get a little kinky when they indicated they would like him to dress up like a bunny and bring them surprises.

We've queued up the above clip to skip to the good part at 3 minutes in, but the whole thing is worth watching if you want to catch a glimpse of a baby ape wearing a flannel shirt. Also of note: RadioLab did a whole show about Kanzi and the work of Dr. Sue Savage-Rambaugh earlier this year.