Roe Island, a deserted spot less than a mile North of the Contra Costa County shoreline in the middle of Suisin Bay, was home to a stranded rafter named Brian "Goat Man" Hopper for some five days when his solo boat camping trip went awry. Hopper, who says the trip was a campaign to "bring attention to social diseases," was hoping to make it from the Sacramento River to the Golden Gate Bridge when his boat started leaking East of the Benicia Bridge.

Luckily, Hopper was at least somewhat prepared for the trip. Per the Chronicle:

Hopper, nicknamed Goat Man for his ability to scale mountainsides, said he started out Wednesday morning on the Sacramento River, where he loaded a $300 inflatable raft with camping supplies, two burritos, a bag of vitamins, a Bible and a mannequin of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Thoughtfully wishing to avoiding wasting taxpayer dollars on a rescue mission and embarrassed to find himself stranded on the island (really, who wouldn't be embarrassed if they were found sharing burritos with a simulacrum of the outgoing Governor?), Hopper declined to use his cellphone to call for help while he attempted to fix his raft. By Monday morning Goat Man caved and called a cousin in Northridge who in turn called the Coast Guard. Using landmarks Hopper had described to his SoCal cousin and working with his cellphone carrier to triangulate his position the Coast Guard eventually found him waving a flag made from a red tablecloth. Hopper was returned to the Martinez Marina yesterday, where he promptly ate a third burrito.