Well, this is awkward - Da Mayor kicked off his week with some uncharacteristic self-depreciation, calling himself a loser in his Sunday column in which he points out there were "More losers than winners" in the recent election. (Which: duh, Willie, when you have half the Tenderloin running for District 2 6 Supervisor there's gonna be a lot of losers.) Willie says he's a loser because he supported Measure B for pension reform, which "went down in flames."

On the bright side, those flames could presumably be used to grill a whole lot of Kobe beef hamburgers at Boulevard, which is the subject of his entire Inside Scoop column this week and clocks in at a whopping 7-sentences. (One of which is: "And they even had relish.") Willie agrees that sometimes it's OK to put a "Rolls Royce price tag on what McDonald's gives away", but if you're headed to Boulevard you'll want to "take the amount you'd need for your monthly mortgage payment with you." City workers must be relieved that Prop B didn't pass then, because that really would have cut in to their ability to afford bougie hamburgers.