Not since the last Getty gala or progressive party canvassing spree have we come across such obnoxious and banal elitism. And how. The fine folks at Mission Mission bring your attention to this Craigslist ad posted by The Summit SF -- a creative cafe/art space located on Valencia, the city's most horrifying street -- looking for baristas only trained at the Harvard of Folgers Crystals pouring. Behold:

Baristas for The Summit SF (mission district)

The Summit is where free thinkers, craftsmen, artisans, entrepreneurs, and the public unite in a unique cafe / art bar space located in the vibrant Mission District. Located in the unique I/O Ventures incubation space, The Summit is home to 40+ telecommuters and 4 startups that are given $25,000 of seed money and mentorship from leading tech leaders. I/O Ventures is backed by the founders of seminal tech companies Myspace, Bittorrent, and others. The Summit is their public living room.

The Summit is hiring Blue Bottle, Ritual, or Four Barrel trained Baristas ONLY. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TRAINED BY EITHER COMPANY:

The Summit is looking for an experienced barista coffee/tea “nerd” for a new art bar/ café serving Blue Bottle coffee and Red Blossom tea. We will provide Blue Bottle and Red Blossom training. Punctuality, personality and the ability to be professional in a fun, casual atmosphere is required. You must demonstrate a love of coffee and the ability to craft them with care and a sense of urgency. We are looking for people who are interested in food/wine/hospitality/art to join our family the ability to talk tech is a plus. Prior Blue Bottle training will get you to the top of the list.

Look, we get it. Bo, oh boy, do we. Salted-caramel street art bacon at Dolores Park with the Sunday New York Times over morning coffee in a food truck. Got it. But, really, we drink coffee for two distinct reasons, perkiness and regularity. Period. We don't care about the taste of our drugs, much less any intricate patterns atop our soy cappuccino's foam.

That said, if you're an expertly trained barista with "the ability too talk tech," check it out. This could very well be your sect.

Update: Similar to Mission Mission's original post, the owner of The Summit responds to our screed. And, well, they really do seem like a swell lot with the best intentions. Read it below.