This week seemed relatively tame in comparison to last week's deluge of celebrations and protests and elections and whatnot, but that just means Willie Brown has had plenty of time to reflect on everything from the high of the Giants World Series Parade to the sting that congressional Democrats felt on last Wednesday morning. Also: a slab of ribs.

Although things might have immediately seemed grim for the Dems, Willie more or less confirmed in his Sunday column that Nancy Pelosi has the minority leader gig all locked up. Of course, most of us could have guessed as much, but it's much more fun to read Willie's account of how she sealed the deal during "a private sit-down [last] Wednesday with fellow Democrat [and likely Pelosi replacement] Rep. Steny Hoyer of Maryland," who apparently backed down after the meeting.

Meanwhile back in California, the Former Mayor pointed out that if Kamala Harris wins this race for Attorney General she'll be highly sought after in the national media, "and she is a friend of Oprah's, which can only help." Riding those book club coattails then, would be BoS president and Harris-pal David Chiu who Willie thinks would rather be San Francisco's next DA than have to clean up after Newsom all next year.