55% of you went out to vote last Tuesday, and they're still trying to figure out who won the Board of Supervisors races (good luck sweatin' this out, District 10!). The first preliminary round of "instant runoff" tabulations took place on Friday, with another happening tomorrow.

As you may not have previously understood (we barely do), the fun starts when no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote. The candidate with the fewest votes is then knocked out of the race, with all the first-choice votes for that candidate transferring to those voters' second choices. If there's still no one with a majority, the next candidate with the fewest votes is removed, etc. In District 10, they had to do this 19 times.

The results, as they stand, are as follows and are still *preliminary*:

District 2:
Mark Farrell edges out Janet Reilly by a mere 77 votes.

District 4:
Still the same, because Carmen Chu ran unopposed.

District 6: Jane Kim maintains her lead after 10 rounds of tabulations, with 929 more votes than Debra Walker.

District 8: Scott Wiener maintains his lead, edging out Rafael Mandelman with 2636 more votes. District 8, btw, was out in full force with the voting, with 27,000 ballots counted. That's 10,000 more than District 6, and 7,000 more than District 2.

District 10: Surprise! Malia Cohen edges out Tony Kelly, but only by a hair. After 19 rounds of tabulations, Cohen has a 152-vote lead, with 51.36%.

Perhaps we will know things with greater certainty by tomorrow. Perhaps we will not.