It's been a hell of a week for the Bay Area, right? Surely Willie had something to say about it! With Gavin's Hair headed to Sacramento to take up its new roost as Lieutenant Moonbeam, there was some speculation that Willie would put his feet up on Gavin's desk for awhile, at least until the Board of Supervisors finds a suitable replacement. But Willie shot down those rumors pretty quickly by removing his name from the list of potential suitors.

Although he's not interested in returning to office, the former Mayor is always interested in eating, so he devoted his entire Inside Scoop column this week to discussing a subject he's touched on before: banquet food. Normally, Willie is quick to dismiss the food at charity events - like last week when he couldn't even get a decent bite at his own yearly breakfast, but this week he attended a 5 Year anniversary for MOAD at the Palace hotel. The $1,000-a-plate dinner turned out to be worth the price of entry if only for the pleasure of "seeing those beautifull dressed women in formal ball gowns negotiating their passage among the food stations." Said food stations included everything from sushi to prime rib, "it made one think instantly of a very fancy Las Vegas Wynn Encore buffet." Which is a very specific comparison, Mr. Da Mayor!