For those of you just tuning in, Giants Brian Wilson gave what could possibly be the greatest victory speech, ever. It was simple, smart, and featured this now iconic gem: "I have three words... Where's the machine?"


Just who and what is "The Machine," exactly? It's the gentleman here pictured with Wilson. In case you missed it, Wilson had teammate Pat Burrell dress in leather and chains and walk behind him during an interview with Chris Rose on his sports national show. Wilson, it seems, was inspired by the movie 8MM, which also featured a character called "The Machine," a prominent snuff film star.

This inspirational cameo was a stroke of mind-bending genius of Wilson's part. During today's World Series Parade speeches at Civic Center, Governor Schwarzenegger, who we can only assume is unfamiliar with the S&M character in question, had this to say to the crowd: "I thought I was the only machine as the Terminator, but now you also have a Machine on your team. So congratulations to The Machine."


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