We can't think of any person in San Francisco right now as famous as Brian Wilson. (Except, of course, for another Giant.) That being said, here's a delightful Wilson sighting sent to us by Liz Einbinder, a friend of SFist.

Ran into Brian Wilson on Union Street today when I was going to the bank! He sure is tall, broad, has a gnarly beard, was wearing grungy sweats and a ski hat. People ran out of the shops on Union when they heard he walked by...it was quite a scene. The people from La Boulonge bakery came running out screaming that he should come in for free coffee and dessert and a guy who worked at Wells Fargo came running out with a giants hat that he had him sign! It was very small town quaint and exciting.

Jealous? We sure are.

Wilson lives in the area, somewhere on Chestnut Street from what we hear. However, we sure hope he makes a trip to SoMa soon, preferably near SFist HQ. At the very least, we're certain the Machine would enjoy it. Fact.