Although a local news sites reported that the World Series began yesterday -- which nearly gave us a heart attack -- it actually starts today. The first pitch should cross the plate at around 4:57 (PST).

In crucial Giants news? Newsom and Arlington, Texas mayor Robert Cluck bet on World Series outcome. "Under the terms of the bet, the mayor of the losing city will travel to the winning city and don the winning team's jersey for a 'day of support for local youth and community service initiatives." The losing mayor will also have to deliver food treats (Cluck will feed Newsom ribs, Newsom will hand Cluck a plate of crab meat and beer.)

George Bush might come to S.F. to cheer on the Rangers. Leah Garchik notes: "If George W. Bush sets foot here to cheer on the Rangers, suggests Marc Capobianco, 'a thousand folks should greet him wearing Meg Whitman masks.'"

Also, can't we just cancel the election until the series ends? This seems more than reasonable.

Check back here for updates throughout the day.

Above, how nice does this look on AT&T field?